"Good Handwritting is the
sign of Healthy mind;
Bad Handwritting is the
sign of Imperfect Education"
-Mahatma Gandhi

Calligraphy is truly an expression of one's mind. An expansion & a concrete depiction of ones ideas. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. An art form that has now reached common households. It is an art that cannot restrict itself to artists. Calligraphy is a finer branch of paleography, or ancient writing. It is the art of fine writing or script. It is derived from the Greek word 'Kalla' which means "beautiful", and 'Graphia' which means "writing."Calligraphy is essentially defined as "written letters, dependent upon the flow and rhythm of the pen or brush", an art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner.



Handwriting is the means of expressing language, just like speech and it also leaves a lasting trace. Some call it “language by hand”. It is very personal and is an expression of a person’s identity like how they dressor wear their hair. However, despite the increased use of computers for writing, the SKILL of handwriting remains important in education, employment and in every walks of humenlife - No doubt. Handwriting is a COMPLEX SKILL , there are many children who have difficulty to mastering it. It may also cause anxiety for teachers, parents who watch the child struggle to put hid/her ideas on paper. This may cause frustration, distress and affect a child’s desire to it. The KIDS IQ LAB provides a better traing for Malayalam and English Calligraphy.

It is an art of beautiful, stylized, or elegant handwriting or lettering with pen or brush and ink. It involves the correct formation of characters, the ordering of the various parts, and the harmony of proportions. The strokes when conformed to writing will give you various fonts & typesets but when one opens the inner eye & lets his imagination run wild, art masterpieces get created on plain canvases. When a person learns to write, he becomes literate & when he understands the essence of letters he transforms into an artist.


For Rhythmic and fluent track drawing practice hold the pencil or pen just like below illustration.
This is the correct holding position of pencil or pen for rhythemetic and fluent handwritting.
So guide your childre to hold their pencil or pen correctly.



While doing the practical exercises childre are expected to use their own intuition, craftsmanship and intelligence to foster their their natural psychomoter skill for the self improvement of moulding handwritting, which is a creative art. Development of this skill requires accurate practice with slow speed and is measured in terms of speed, precision, distance, procedure and techniques executed. So give correct guidance to your children for the equal combinations of their cognitive, affective and psyhomottor domains.


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